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Olyn is changing the way the world perceives and 
interacts with physical and digital assets.
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Asset identity, 

We offer a new way to represent physical and digital assets, including NFTs: as a portable, programmable, and dynamic card with endless potential, from enabling new business models to empowering people to store and build value.

The universal 
asset registry

We are building a dynamic universal asset registry on the blockchain. Our platform and tools provide the digital meeting place for creators, owners, sellers, and service providers to connect and engage with registered assets and each other.

For creators

As a brand or individual, register what you create to:
  • Represent your offerings dynamically

  • Engage directly with customers, throughout the ownership journey

  • Know your customers and offerings better through data captured in the card

  • Drive scarcity and new business models through programmability

For owners

As a business or individual, register what you own to:
  • See your belongings and securely store their value in digital wallets

  • Access tools to help you use, organize, and care for your belongings more easily, and transfer ownership with a few clicks

  • Find community through shared belongings and interests, and discover new things

For builders

As a developer, our reliable technology can power infinite solutions:
  • Embed our tools into your existing apps

  • Build new solutions to deliver more for your customers

Change is accelerating faster than ever: disruptive commerce and economic models are transforming the way we consume, physical and digital universes are converging, and technology is democratizing new ways to build identity and wealth. But the human desire for ownership and expression of individuality remain as strong as ever. Olyn empowers ownership and identity in this new era of unprecedented opportunity.

The world is ready for Olyn.
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